The CORE behind Token Sport

To understand how Token Sport works, it is necessary to comprehend the development processes involved in the project. In this brief summary we will try to explain in a simple way the tokenization ecosystem and the different tools we will use to create a unique experience in the web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

Token Sport is a platform that uses blockchain technology to record and verify in an immutable way, the transparency in the interactions of all the roles that are part of the ecosystem. Those interactions are performed through smart contracts that transfer tokens according to the distribution declared in every contract.

tokensport.eth domain which is minted in Ethereum blockchain, is the digital identity of Token Sport in the web 3.0 and Metaverse. It also serves to verify the originality of all assets used (Users, Licenses, Data, Business, etc) and back some of the value (treasury) in Ether.

Due to the high amount of interactions produced by an ecosystem such as the one proposed by Token Sport, the Matic/Polygon network will be used as the main tool, as it significantly reduces operational costs. We will also use this network for socio-digital activities, community giveaways and many more actions.

Standards usability

ERC-721 (NFT) are Non Fungible Tokens configured to give roles, exclusive access and different benefits to their holders. They are also used for user level upgrades and rewards.

ERC-20 (TSP) ERC-20 are Fungible Tokens that are used to enhance the ecosystem. They are also used for administration and access to exclusive content, as well as for participation and decision making of DAO, Token Sport S.A.S. and its products. These tokens play an important role in the DEX, allowing their exchange for Ethereum or Bitcoin.

SBT (Fan ID, Licenses) SoulBound Tokens (SBT) are Non-Fungible Non-Transferable tokens that are used for storing and updating user data. Each Fan ID is a unique, non-transferable SBT. SBTs are also used for API licenses and exclusive contracts.

How tokenization works?

Every time a new user completes their profile, they receive their FanID.
All FanId are SBTs that the user holds in his wallet and allow him to interact under a specific role within the application, the ecosystem and the community.

Each SBT is an identifier of the user, which in combination with the holding of different NFT (transferable, non-fungible tokens) and TSP (transferable and fungible tokens) as a requirement, will aginine the roles with their corresponding permissions, for example:


The most loyal fan, the one who uses Token Sport and support his team at every moment. This rol can interact with NFTs like wearable or collectables and TSP tokens as rewards.

OG Fans

Role established for early users who fulfill objectives that help improve the Token Sport experience. This rol can interact with permissibles NFTs and TSP tokens as rewards.

Alpha Fans

Role established for early friends who trust from its seed stage and involved in Token Sport. New licences and Token Sport derivates business founders. This rol interact with permissibles NFTs and TSP tokens to take position in DAO.

Broadcasting (API Licensing)

Role established to give access to media, influencers, journalists, etc. This role allows access to exclusive statistics and benefits. This rol interact with permissible NFTs and TSP tokens to get exclusive access to data.


Role established to give sponsors access to participate in the bidding for advertising space in the matches. This rol interact with permissible NFTs and TSP tokens to bid for ads .


Role established for people who help in the creation and curation of content generated in Token Sport. This rol interact with permissible NFTs and TSP tokens as rewards and takes position in DAO.

Dream Team

Dream Team
Role established for the official team behind the development of Token Sport. This rol interact with permissible NFTs and TSP tokens as rewards and takes position in DAO.

Each FanID gets a role within the ecosystem, receiving different benefits and responsibilities for the growth of Token Sport. The administration, permissions, analysis and objectives of the FanIDs roles are decided in the DAO following the rules to be established in the constitution consensus. With the advancement of Token Sport new roles and permissions will also be decided in the DAO.

To Resume

SBT Functionallity:
Token Sport logs the interactions each user and stores the MetaData behind each FanID. Being a non-transferable token, we ensure the truth in the history of interactions and that allows us to offer updates, services, benefits and improvements for each FanID, creating a trusted and transparent ecosystem.

NFT Functionallity:
At the beginning we can find 2 NFT models with different functionalities:
1- Collectables, Wereables, PFP, users updates, prizes, etc.
2- Different access to exclusive content and official transferable Token Sport licenses.

TSP Functionallity:
The TSP token is the engine of the ecosystem, truly and transparently ensuring the participation of users (fans, media and sponsors), the distribution of rewards and the value of the entire ecosystem.

Dream Team