“The Metaverse Crowd”

Qatar 2022 World Cup is an emotional party and Token Sport brings it to the metaverse.
Thanks to the support of great friends “The Metaverse Crowd” will come to life at the World Cup Final.

Thanks to the “Fundación Restaurando Futuro” and the hard work of their team we have created incredible connections so that we can bring the emotions of the fans to the Metaverse.

The stage will be the Parcel 2836 of the ISG Metaverse company, inside Somnium Space. An incredible space in the most technologically advanced metaverse of the moment. The experience it can offer to the fans is amazing and that is why “The Metaverse Crowd” will be a party.

On December 18th, from 14:00 (UTC) we start with “The Preview”. We will be joined by “Cranky Fanatics“, “Cripto Latin Fest“, “Bitsionarys” and other communities that will join us. Then, at the beginning of the match we will SHARE among the fans, the emotions that only soccer can give us. There will also be gifts, giveaways and prizes for fans who attend the event.
Commemorative Card holders will receive their first TSP tokens live and we will have discounts for new collectors.

And of course, the audiovisual artist VJ Deliria will be the star of the party with her latest production “LOVE”, a joint work with several Latin American artists.
We are waiting for you to enjoy a moment full of emotions with friends from all over the world and be part of “The Metaverse Crowd”.

(There will also be other events in metaverse before to the final match, enter the Discord and join the community to find out)

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