Token Sport is a project that involves several stages of development. It is essential to understand this in order to know at what stage we are, what we have done and what are the next steps and opportunities ahead.

  • Official Token Sport “Litepaper” published in Steemit.
  • Benchmark Reaserch and Documentation.
  • Branding: Creation of brand manual, logos, and image guidelines.
  • UX Research: Private presentation of a proof of concept.
  • Token Sport S.A.S founded in Colombia.
  • Tokenomics research.
  • tokensport.eth: Ethereum Name Service creation
  • First 9.090.000 TSP (testnet).
  • Tokenomics research.
  • tokensport.eth: Ethereum Name Service creation
  • First 9.090.000 TSP on Polygon Blockchain.
  • NFT & Meataverse reseach
  • Whitepaper Update (version 2.0.5) available in Gitbook
  • Open call for initial DT members
  • Community building campaign
  • NFT & Metaverse Qatar 2022 Experience
  • Token Sport Expectative Campaign
  • Early Fans Open Called
  • Token Sport Launch campaign
  • Token Sport Soccer MVP (Beta)
  • Ads and Licenses pre-sales
  • Sports Alliances
  • Tokenized gameplay (SBT / TSP / NFT)
  • New users gathering
  • DAO creation
  • DEX creation
  • Token Sport Foundation
  • Transmedia Business development
  • New Sports Upgrades

We understand the need to build new ecosystems that use technology and community consensus to highlight and give value to those of us who are one of the most important parts in sports… “The Fans”.
Join us to continue building “THE BEST WEB 3.0 SPORTS CROWD”.

Dream Team