Metaverse and Fans

In the context of the Qatar 2022 World Cup we launched the campaign “The Metaverse Crowd” in which we hope to receive “Early Fans” interested in using Token Sport in its Demo version and share with the community their user experiences.

In this campaign, we have been supported by the Metaverse to offer an incredible experience for the entire audience and the response we have received from the attendees has been incredible, which indicates that we are on the right direction.

A study by Oracle Food & Beverage revealed that Latin American consumers want technology to enhance their experiences and interactions with their favorite athletes and teams.

The report shows that 73% of the people surveyed think it would be amazing to interact with their favorite teams in the metaverse, participate in meetings with players, buy official merchandising and receive rewards without leaving their home.

In Token Sport we have taken that first big step so that fans, besides enjoying the most important matches of Qatar 2022 in the Metaverse, can share with the community their emotions and enjoy a unique experience.

This is what we have experienced 👇🏻

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