Interview for DalePlayGo, Colombia

The Colombian TV show DalePlayGo, dedicated to entertainment, gaming and technology, invited the Token Sport team to share an episode of their show with their audience.

The interview was very entertaining and we were able to offer a unique experience, both for the show hosts and the audience.
In Medellin, from the Teleantioquia studios, Juan Felipe, co-founder of Token Sport, along with Fede and Vero, the hosts of the program, shared their experience in the metaverse simultaneously with Alejo Fernandez, co-founder of Token Sport.

Fede, the host of the show along with Alejo toured Gindi Gallery, the amazing space in the metaverse that “ISG Metaverse” provided us for the launch of the campaign “The Metaverse Crowd”.

During the tour we talked about the hard work that both “Somnium Space” and “ISG Metaverse” do in the development of technology for entertainment, leaving the driver really surprised with the experience he was living at that moment and the simplicity to move inside Gindi Gallery.

During the interview we talked about the “Commemorative Cards” and the work that Juan Felipe has done for the illustrations. We also explained how the NFTs work and the benefits and exclusive access that the card holders get.

We also talked about the metaverse, the solutions that can be generated using this type of platforms, especially highlighting the work done by the “Fundaci√≥n Restaurando Futuro” in the education and support of young people using the metaverse as a tool and the great support we received from them.

And to end the interview we share with the public the activities we have done during the Qatar 2022 World Cup and invite the audience to LIVE with the fans the final match of the cup that we will broadcast on December 18.

Thanks to the team of Teleantioquia and DalePlayGo for the invitation and we hope to continue our presence in Colombia specially in the city of Medellin, which is committed to be a technological leader in the region.

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