Great Partnership

Great Partnership!

After the documentation process, onboarding and defining work schemes together, we are proud to announce that we have the support of “Diproach” for the development of the first MVP of Token Sport. The agreement was reached after the detailed delivery of documentation and an excellent onboarding by Diproach’s team.

Diproach is an Argentinean software development company with more than 10 years of experience in the development of web 2.0 applications and adding web 3.0 development to its portfolio.

As scheduled with the team, the test release is expected for March 2023, only for “Early Fans” who want to test the application to give us their opinions, suggestions and comments.

Once the “testing” stage is over, we will announce it on Discord so that the “Alpha Fans” can create their account and receive their first benefits.
In this very important stage that starts what is coming for Token Sport, we believe we have achieved an incredible agreement with a very professional company and with a team really very interested and proactive in achieving a functional, simple and agile product for the user.

In the Discord channel, the “Alpha Fans” of Token Sport, will be able to access all the documentation, the complete commercial agreement, the costs and the complete negotiation. They will also be able to attend presentations and meetings with the Diproach team and receive the latest news. We will also be reporting on the blog and social media, so we invite you to follow us and …. #LetPassionFlow

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