We open call for fans who want to participate as Token Sport user testers. You will get to know the application before anyone else and you will earn TSP tokens for helping us improve.
The first BETA version of the app will be available very soon and it will be only for users who have registered as testers, participate in different activities and give us their feedback.


Register before March 15. Then we will send you by mail the exclusive link where you will be able to access all the information about Token Sport.

– Training
Token Sport team will be coordinating different AMAs (Ask me Anything) where we will explain in detail how the application works and you will learn about web 3.0.

You will receive direct links to the app and have an exclusive user to interact with in Token Sport. You will have access to exclusive content and different user roles.
We will send you emails with different activities to do and earn more TSP tokens.

The testing phase starts on March 10 and ends on April 30. There are no time requirements or deadlines for the activities, you manage your own time.
In each activity you complete receive some simple questions about your experience with Token Sport.

In the training process you will learn how to create your “wallet” in blockchain where you keep your TSPs.
Each activity you perform will be rewarded with TSP tokens that will be sent directly to your wallet. Once Token Sport completes the second stage of development, you will be able to exchange your TSP for fractions of bitcoin or products and services on Token Sport’s DEX.

Discover the full potential of Token Sport, join us from the beginning and help us build the biggest fan base in the world.
Token Sport… official sponsor of the fan’s passion!

Dream Team

We are a dedicated team of people around the world committed to build new technologies to empower and provide value to sports fans.
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