• What is Token Sport?
    It is a free and decentralized platform focused on the transmission of sports data that has as its main focus the fan and values their passion in every game.
  • What is the TSP token?
    It is a digital asset that each user receives for sharing their emotions and interacting on the platform. We are the largest fan base in the world sharing our emotions, thus generating a large amount of data and value that is backed by TSP tokens.
  • What do users win?
    At the end of each match, users will receive TSP tokens for their interaction. These tokens are distributed through Smart Contracts that allow for transparency and privacy in the interactions that take place.
  • What is the TSP token used for?
    TSP tokens can be exchanged for official products of soccer clubs, stadium tickets and different products and services of Token Sport partner brands or exchanged for fractions of Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • How do I save my TSP?
    When creating your account, each user receives a unique wallet and gets access to a 12 (twelve) word seed word. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU STORE THESE WORDS IN AN EXTREMELY SAFE PLACE. When you want to recover your balance, you will be asked to verify your authenticity. Or you can connect with your own Polygon/Ethereum wallet.
  • What are Collectables?
    Are NFTs (Non Fungibles Tokens) that you can hold in your wallet and enjoy their benefits. There are wereables, user upgrades, commemorative cards, licenses, etc.
  • What is the Token Sport Dream Team?
    The Dream Team is the team of people who are important to the growth, development and maintenance of Token Sport. The technical and software development, marketing, early investors, strategic allies, influencers, partners and organizations behind the Token Sport operation.
  • How do I contact support?
    You can contact verified users who will help you with the management of the platform. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS TALK TO A VERIFIED USER WITHIN THE PLATFORM.
  • What is the TSP Foundation?
    It is a non-profit organization, organized through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that receives and distributes TSP tokens, for the creation of training and educational spaces, creating opportunities for low-income children and accompanying them in the development of their professional careers.

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